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I am a freelance digital marketing professional (social media & PPC google Ads/ FB ads,SEO, youtube) & Trainer   (Online Course Creator Author ) focused on  Building better digital marketing  Campaigns  for  Paid Ads, PPC, generating leads,  organic reach , increasing sales conversion CTA's across food, drink, dairy & restaurant hotel industry, SPORTS INDUSTRY   AND i can also do Linkedin B2B type Social media content & Financial Type content digital for Investment banking Hedge funds firms also

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My Digital Marketing Services ( Social Media & Google Fb Ads management ) are fine tuned as per requirements of below 3 segments

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Sports Socks

Here my Digital marketing strategies activities are B2C based created designed with optimum mix of Branding, Organic reach & CTA (Call to action) for very competitve food beverages, restaurent hotel industry .

Here my Digital marketing strategies, work etc are fine tuned as per financial stuff required in B2B Boutique Investment banking & Hedge Fund type companies

Sports Industry 

 Sports industry Marketing is becoming very competitive and professional sports companies, sports clubs,  professional sportsman athelete are very seriously using digital marketing to sell the sports merchandise, sports events promotion , their sports club  training membership plans. Digital for this sports category is a very focused niche, where I am keenly interested to grow because of my personal naturally because of my passion I will be better at doing digital marketing for the sports industry 

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