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DMTI Diploma Certification of Advanced Digital mrkt.jpg

Completed Diploma In Digital Marketing by DMIT institute, Mumbai in 2014

MMS Degree Certificate 2004.jpg

Master of Management Sciences University Degree

Google Adwords certified

Google Adwords Certified 31 May 2017.jpg
Facebook training AB MInacs Mumbai Pic.jpg

 Photo of me in Pilot [First] Indian batch of Facebook Ads trained by Senior Heads of  Facebook USA Head for Mumbai India Pilot Team on Payrolls of AB Minacs Worldwide, Mumbai Office

Client Testimonial - Manish Agarwal of Indore Tutors

PPC Pricing Packages

LITE Budget Package 

 For Overall budget upto $1500  USD per month , my monthly management fees is $300 USD per month + [One time] Set up fees $250 USD


For budget $2000 to $5000 USD per month , my monthly management fees is 20% per month + Set up fees $500 USD (one time)

HEAVY Budget Packages

For budget $5001 to $10000 usd the monthly management fees is 15% per month +  Set up fees $500 USD One time

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