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Overseas doctor Group SESSION Saturday - Zero Cost Ethical Marketing for Doctor clinic course training $300 USD lumpsum

Limited Seats - Maximum 30 person per batch ( per month)
First come, First Serve Basis to give dedicated Personal Whatsapp Email Hand holding support to each

Group training session for USA, Canada, uk Australia overseas (non Indian) doctor 

Day - Every Tuesday (only), once a week

Relevant fine tuned as per USA, Canada, uk  Australia medico-legal legal angles 

Entire course training fees - $300 USD lumpsum (one time ) or 2 installment of $190 USD each after 35-45 days 1.5-2 months later 

Each session 1.5-2 hours long but can strech upto 3 hours 
( Recording of session will be send to all doctor training participants, so even if they don't attend group session they will.have recording to watch as per their convenience) 

Limited batch size of - 30-35 doctors each to give dedicated personal attention hand holding support to each during implementation of this training

New bonus modules - internal documents automation

(New) Result pack 3 mins to do exercise baby steps to start  (as and when doctor find time as per their convenience to manage balance between group session lecture & practical  implementation actions )

Detailed Content Index modules Sections inside this Online Course "Zero Cost Ethical Marketing for Doctor"

Section 1- Reverse Engineering

This is your infographics description paragraph. Use it to give additional details about the statistics or figures you’re presenting. Be clear and concise to help users understand the story behind the numbers.

Section 2- Zero Cost Lead Generation Strategies

 19 new Zero Cost Lead Generation Strategies about how to get new Enquiry/Leads/ New Patients using 19 new  Free way with Secret mantra, pros & Cons & Real example of actual doctor 

Section 3 - FOLLOW UP SYSTEMS - Five Care Based Follow Up SYSTEMS to be positively in touch

Section 4- Digital Marketing Free Ways, Free Software, etc fine tuned with Secret Mantra, Pros & Cons as per  Doctor clinic hospital industry

Section 5- Marketing Services Offers & Packages for Doctor Medial

Section 6- Interactive Touch Points to build Loyalty, extra care & inturn increase conversions & Repeat business

Section 7- Tele Medicine/ Online Consultation for Doctors Clinic Related Medico legal angles, patient psychology & how to market Tele medicine related services.

Section 8- Branding Secrets using zero cost ways/ low cost was for Doctors Clinic/Hospital

Section 9-  Increase Productivity & Time Management

Key Time management Concepts principles because along with more money sales this zero cost Ethical marketing course also aims to get increase 105-15% extra free time for personal life

Section 10- Personal Finance & Cost Cutting techniues for Doctors Clinic

Dr ss Sibia Photo Testimonial 1.jpg

Dr SS Sibia, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Benefits( Results) you can  expect   from this "zero cost ethical marketing Strategy program training hand holding" can do for you


* 20-25% more revenues, more patients, more conversions
More genuine leads, more sales
* Upto 60-70 new patient per month (2-3 new patient per day ) using FREE things on digital internet within 6 months of implementation 
*.more  online consultation related more patient cases
* 5 different Follow up systems for a.lead nurturing to actual walkin conversion b. Old patients who were 1 year back to persuade for repeat business c. To get reviews from patients d. Being in touch e. Referral network develop
* Referral network specially for small town 
* Local competition zero cost mrkt  strategies
* Digital marketing for zero cost for lead generation, online visibility, social media strategy  right way, right frequency....basic seo
* at Every interaction Touch point >> 1  step extra that shows you care about your patients and increase conversion
* Branding - offline, online & personal branding
*  Have 20% more time by using tech software to Automate & internally organised as much as possible 

FEES- $67 USD or Rs. 5,500 for Indian Doctor (Indian Medico legal angles)

    Sample Videos Content inside this  Doctor Zero Cost Ethical Marketing Online Course

    Lead Generation Strategy 2-Use Free Email (Or Tele) Consultation To Generate Patients ,Why It Work 2 Good Real example

     (Digital)  Why most doctor are not getting mediocre result from their digital marketing  - key mistake loopholes 

     (Digital)  Why most doctor are not getting mediocre result from their digital marketing  - key mistake loopholes 

     Hi Doctors ,               
                                                                                                                                   Please check this  REVENUE DIRECT PERCENTAGE Thumbrule Concept before spending a single money on Marketing   (Both from Finaical Money angle & Most Importantly from Number of Walk In Patients angle by your Inhouse Marketing Digital & Free things angle ) 

    How to implement, take action , manage implementation of these zero cost marketing strategy taught in this  course in Only overall  45 mins per day in bits and pieces like ,10 mins here , 10 mins there totalling to  overall 45 mins per day in 6 days a week , Sunday holiday

    Free    RESOURCE  KIT    includes Excel Sheet Downloadable, editable but WITH FORMULAS & MACROS inside excel to get all things organised & structure on 

    1- Patient Clinic Master Sheet Excel Sheet

    2- Health Camp Event Master 

    3. 150 indian Free SEO listing medical website for instant online visiblity & SEO 

    4. Personal Finance Master Sheet

     Clinic Patient Management Master sheet (excel sheet downloadable, editable)

    HEALTH CAMP EVENT Master sheet excel sheet with FORMULA macros etc as  downloadable, editable

     Personal finance Master sheet excel sheet with FORMULA macros etc as  downloadable editable Excel 

    Buy Now Paypal $67

    Our FAQs

    Does it have any  MONEY BACK guarantee, if I am dissatisfied 

     No. There is No money back guarantee.If needed, if you are dissatisfied, not getting good  results then I will give extra dedicated time to find & fix and make sure you are satisfied 

    How much is Fees ? Is it one time or do I need to pay per month ??

    Course fees is one time Rs.6000 for indian doctor course (Indian medico-legal angles) which you can pay lumpsum or in 2 equal installments half fees now and rest half fees after 1 month (30-35 days later) 
    You don't need to pay per month .It doesn't have anything thing like monthly subscription type fees 

    How will I get personal attention??  Do you take hundreds of course buyers per month ??

     To give dedicated personal attention to each course buyers With the result pack intiative this zero cost ethical marketing training course program have already become very effective to maintain balance between theory & practical action implementation, 
    I have limited number of course buyers in each month /each batch size in both for existing Indian medico legal angles online course to maximum 15-18 per month because its completed up and running from last 2.5 years and so now I am much more practically experience on managing this much intake on  ongoing basis and still easily have been managing in between stuff from last 2.5 years now 
    and  upcoming Saturday GROUP SESSION Overseas doctor training program from usa, uk, Canada Australia medico legal angles also there is limited batch size planned to be around 20-25 per batch (as on now) to maintain personal attention and results focus

    Do i need to sit & complete it in one day ??

     No. Infact I recommed the other way based on Robin Sharma 1% improvement for next 100 days = 100% improvement productivity Principle customized for clinic doctors . I recommend that for inital 100 days you you follow 10 mins , 10 mins there Plus Squeezing 1.5-2 hours in slow moving day of week to keep sundays free for family friend 

    Can i Automate this ??

    Yes you can a lot of things and there is seperate module section telling you in detail what things you can utomate using free Google drive, Google workspace & whatsapp broadcast list etc & You must try do automation to save time . 
    Practically speaking , since doctors life routiene is full of uplanned medical emergencies......we follow 100 days But I recommended that you start automation only after 100 days or atleast 2 months because the intial 1 month is more of your learning curve, Brainstorming, Getting hang of things & doing controlled experiment on random sample size of 5-10 to get idea of how will you manage backedn at your clinic, how will you supervise your staff etc

    Can Indian doctor course buyers attend upcoming overseas doctor group session batch with Overseas doctor?? 

    No, because medico legal complexity, overseas patients psychology & overseas patient pays through social security number & medical insurance & dental membership plans which is totally different from India doctor requirements, Indian patients psychology is very different then overseas patients who are eager to legally sue doctor for mistakes all the internal contents concept have to be changed and fine tuned as per overseas doctor practically in layman words if one is veg burger another is chicken burger ......all the internal ingredients recipe are different
    Kindly note what works in USA Canada etc cannot be blindly copy pasted in India and vice versa.
    Also I have limited batch size hand holding support capacity for overseas doctor because the entire group gets disturbed & lots of doctor valuable time gets wasted  

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